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Simplify Your Life Week 2017

Published August 3, 2017 JP Home,Mindful,Philosophy,Space Saver,To-Do's No Comments

You guys! Did you know that it’s National Simplify Your Life Week? I am slightly embarrassed¬†to say that, despite my passion for simplifying life, I had no idea this week existed! A friend of mine told me about it yesterday and I think I had a simultaneous reaction of my mouth dropping open in shock and bouncing in my seat with excitement! Who knew we could celebrate such a fabulous mission for a week?

I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes as you read this since there are national celebration weeks and days for nearly anything you can think of. ūüôĄ¬†¬†In fact, just several weeks ago I was posting about National Ice Cream Day¬†(which I must say was a very delicious day ūüėč )! Upon some further investigation today, I found a large list of national days¬†we can celebrate or just………………. Some of the upcoming¬†days that you may (or may not) like to know exist are Eat Outside Day, Pluto Demoted Day, World¬†Photo Day, Be an Angel Day, Happiness Happens Day, Lazy Day, and¬†Mail Order Catalog Day. I know… some of these days….¬†oy! You should see the whole list!

Okay, but seriously… given my love for simplifying life… I really can’t pass up the opportunity to give a shout out to this special week that observes¬†such a positive mission. So in honor of my new favorite week of the year, I’m doing a #throwback on this Thursday to my #TossItTuesday playlist on my YouTube channel. ūüėĀ¬†¬†If you aren’t familiar with what #TossItTuesday is, please take a few moments to watch¬†my video above, which explains one of my favorite days of the week. Then, continue to watch the other¬†videos from over the past year to inspire your mission to simplify your life, as well as give you a little chuckle!



Digital Detox – 7-Day Challenge

Published July 18, 2017 Mindful,Philosophy,Technology,To-Do's No Comments

Lately, I’ve been craving a digital detox. A break from all the notifications, distractions & clutter that work its way into my life through my computer & phone, preventing me from being able to focus & live mindfully. I feel the need to starve all the distractions so that I can restore some balance and begin to feed my focus again. It’s something that I feel the need to do at least once a year. However, as the¬†boundaries blur more easily with the integration of technology into our lives, the more often I crave opportunities to disconnect from everything.

Several years ago I¬†vacationed in California and drove down the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Along the way, I stayed a couple nights in a small cabin on the side of a mountain in Big Sur. There was a limited supply of electric each day, a wood stove and a telephone with a cord that plugged into the wall (that was probably the first time I used a phone like that in 10 years). There was no cell phone reception, no wi-fi, no internet whatsoever. It was rustic, charming, peaceful and restorative. While I always felt I had a reasonable relationship with technology, this trip reminded me of the true benefit of disconnecting. *SIGH* It would be amazing to be back in the place right now (however, to be honest, I could do without the spiders this time ūüôą).

Since I’m far from having an opportunity to be in a location like that where I’m forced to disconnect, I’m going to make it happen for myself. I’m taking the next 7 days to do a summer digital detox and I’d love for you to join me. ¬†All you need to do is watch this week’s video where I‚Äôm sharing a little background on how I like to approach¬†a digital detox, as well as some insight on multitasking, our enemy FOMO and our friend JOMO (inspired by one of my favorite podcasts,¬†‘Note to Self’). Then, simply follow me on Instagram (@JeffreyPhillipJP) and join the challenge by following my Instagram stories for the next week. It’s going to be easy, fun and restorative – promise!¬†ūüėä

I hope that you find this week’s video to be inspiring, as well as empowering. If you do, please click the thumbs up button, share it with family and friends, and be sure to¬†subscribe to my YouTube¬†channel¬†so¬†we can continue our discussions about organized living. Thanks so much¬†and I hope to see you on Instagram!

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