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Moving Day Tips: 5 Things To Do Right Away

Published June 27, 2017 Moving No Comments

As you know, I recently went through some major life changes, which involved moving into my new apartment. Now, we all know that moving isn’t the most fun thing… although, I guess I shouldn’t say that so quickly… I mean, I love helping my clients, friends and family when they move. They are actually some of the most fun projects. I love setting up a new space, being creative, figuring out new solutions to make a space work better, as well as simply providing some helpful moving day tips. However, when you’re the person going through the move it can be incredibly overwhelming, stressful and anxiety inducing. Just the thought of it can be enough to make you want to pull out your hair! 😱   Moving is a complete upheaval of our lives, which can cause us to feel unstable for a period of time until our home is settled and feels, well, like home again. 🏡

Since I recently went through the process of moving myself (with all the feels), as well as having done this work with clients for nearly 10 years, I thought I would share 5 of my favorite moving day tips with you (along with a special bonus tip that is a little quirk of my own… but works very well in my life for making my space feel settled and complete 😊 ). No matter how big or small your move may be, and whether you are moving into your first apartment after college or across the country with your family… I think you will find these moving day tips super easy to do, as well as helpful in easing the chaos during your time of transition and making you feel at home a little faster.

I hope you enjoy this video & find it to be helpful as you plan for your next move. If you do, please do me a favor… click the thumbs up button, share it with family and friends, and be sure to subscribe to my channel so we can see each other again next week!

xo 😘