Jeffrey Phillip

The Project
Bucks County Storage Room

The Transformation
This project consisted of a very unique need to store and organize props and projects for green lifestyle expert, Danny Seo, at his home in Bucks County, PA. The collection of items consisted of odd-sized completed projects, partially completed projects and basic elements to start a new project from scratch – all of which carried equal importance for when he needed to quickly pull these projects for TV segments or magazine photo shoots.

In order to maximize the space the client had allocated for storage in his home, I began by adding new shelving that not only gave him shelves for storage, but also doubled as a place to easily store and organize his flat artwork projects. In addition, I removed the doors from the closet in order to make the space more accessible and avoid losing valuable storage space from the opening and closing doors. Additionally, I utilizied the ceiling as hanging space and grouped all like items together by project, or seasonal use throughout the storage area.

This area of the client’s home, as well as another large room, were both completed while the client was out of the country on business. Upon his return home I received a simple two-sentence email that clearly stated his thoughts about the job - “You are a genius.  I love it all.”

  • Built-in Shelves - Before
  • Built-in Shelves - After
  • Before (closet with doors)
  • After (closet doors removed)
  • Inside of Closet - Before
  • Inside of Closet - After
  • After
  • Before
  • After
  • Additional shelving + storage for flat artwork