Jeffrey Phillip

The Project
Connecticut Closet

The Transformation
This project took place in a gorgeous and peaceful town in Connecticut where my client resides, and began with my helping to bring some order to her surroundings - specifically her closet.  After going through several life changes and a color consulta-tion with a talented stylist that educated her on the proper colors to wear for her skin tones, my client felt she was equipped and prepared to dive into her 300 sq ft. closet.  Armed with her new color cards, we tackled over 12 years worth of clothing and acce-ssories to edit her wardrobe down to her favorite and now best-suited pieces.  After sending nearly 30 bags to friends and a local charity, her closet got the full JP. treatment, making it quicker, easier and more fun to get dressed as well as pack and unpack for traveling.  At the end of the project, my client felt lighter, calmer and couldn’t stop smiling.

  • Closet Entrance View - Before
  • Closet Entrance View - After
  • North Wall of Closet - Before
  • North Wall of Closet - After
  • East Wall of Closet - Before
  • East Wall of Closet - After
  • South Wall of Closet - Before
  • South Wall of Closet - After
  • West Wall of Closet - Before
  • West Wall of Closet - After
  • Bag Closet - Before
  • Bag Closet - After
  • Bag Closet - After
  • Sweater Closet I - Before
  • Sweater Closet I - After
  • Sweater Closet I - After
  • Sweater Closet II - Before
  • Sweater Closet II - After
  • Sweater Closet II - After